I need your some time to suggest me.
For my own site http://gititsolution.com/

When i enter google search 'gititsolution' then given me search result link list like

1) Freelancer site
2) Facebook site
3) Own site

So its not proper way i need first link of my own site then after all other link.
I have already used 'Meta Keyword' and 'Meta Description'.

Thank You.

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Well, I don't this the on page optimisation is gone in a proper manner I can't just can't see the proper meta description ! Also it looks like that you still doesn't have put yourself over the Gooogle local listing ! So, I would say your one page need a lot of improvements

Hello Keylly thank you for replay.
But I am new be in seo so can suggest me which steps i wan't follow to improvement of site.

But I am new be in seo so can suggest me which steps i wan't follow to improvement of site.

From your own website:

SEO & Web Marketing
Specializing in Business & Marketing Analysis, Search Engine Optimization tools, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Social Media outlets. Put your business or idea in front of YOUR clientele.
Internet marketing is technical, detailed work, but we offer what it takes to succeed.

Maybe you should hire yourself to solve it.

Yep, looks like another SEO expert who doesn't know about SEO. Arm chancing seems to be the norm these days in the web development business...

its ironinc that someone who trumpets themselves to be an seo expert doesnt know a thing or two about seo.
problem is people thing seo is easy but u need to know your stuff to consistently get results for clients using seo

on your question if u type ur own website & ur own website is not appearing first it means that your website has not been optimized properly or its a new website with no sizeable domain authority

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Yeah, I complete agree with sally 2...!!!!
The problem is lack of website optimization, You need to optimize your website and make it SEO friendly

Getting organic search link depends on how well you promote your site on these pages.

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I have checked your website. I could locate the reall issue. Your website has a high keyword density for teh word "Development" its nearly 15%. Reduce the keyword density, and put fresh content, your website will perform better.

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