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How to increase my website organic traffic. any suggestiion.......

Well, you can increase your website organic traffic by getting yourself ranked over the search results which is quite simple and clear at all ! And now I guess what you need to look onto is try improving your keyword ranking over the SERPs! More the number of Keyword you will rank for more the chances of getting traffic and more will be your organic traffic !

First of all focus on all the factors of On Page. Such as
Title of your Site, Description of your site, keywords, URL should be search engine friendly, Keyword density should be less than 4%, Sitemap, Canonical Tag, HTaccess file, Robot file, header tags, title tags, No follow/do follow, etc.

Create the quality backlinks
Your website should have quality contents.
Social media promotions.

Off Page submissions like

Directory submissions,
Social bookmarking,
Q & A,
Forums Submissions,
Article Submissions,
guest blogging, etc.

No one ever seems to mention semantics in these kinds of threads. Structural semantics, microdata, rich snippets, RDFa.

Google 1998 called, it wants the keywords meta tag back.

To take Daniweb and Udaipurweb14 as an example (since he is a brand new member and has a location in his name). Google already knows him, and semantics wise it knows he is meant as a person on Daniweb, and not the location Udaipur. In fact, Google even knows he is not just his own person here, but a person "representing" Daniweb, i.e. a user. Even better, it knows he performed an action, a write action to be more exact. Not asking a question mind you but giving an answer to a question.


So if you would search for "Buildings near Udaipurweb14" Google won't see this page as a good result, Udaipurweb14 is not a location here, he is a person. If it can't find any decent results where Udaipurweb14 is a location the user probably meant to search for "Buildings near Udaipur 14" since that is a real location and makes semantic sense.

How it knows he is a person here?

<span itemtype="http://schema.org/Person" itemscope="" itemprop="agent">
    <a dir="ltr" href="/members/1118209/udaipurweb14" itemprop="url">


<insert thread-mandatory not so discrete link to braggy seo website here>

Classifieds, article submission,press releases,guest posting,blogging,social media are some of the organic techniques which can help to increase the organic traffic of a website.

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