Now members as you know that Panda is sucking the traffic from sites and destroying page ranks. now please tell me what measures should be taken to cope well with the Panda Algorithm.

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Stay up on SEO and continue to change the way you link build. Most of ranking is links. The On Page factors do matter but the links are the most important.

Just take a 'logical' approach to website architecture, and make sure that html markup is used as designed/intended. Also consider the average visitor's impression and perception of the website's relevance and quality.

well, these are the normal perceptions to change ways with the change in google. but i want something new, some real good way, some rule or practical method. so that i can make my mind clear about my strategies.????

Improve the quality of your website by using unique and good quality content in you website.

i am yet confused about it but still thankful for all your suggestions.

You must be using content for article posting, blog posting. Make sure that where ever you use a content it must be unique and free from Copyscape. It seems Panda is stressing on unique, informative content.

As you know Panda Algorithm has brought new change in SEO world. traffic and page ranks are getting down and new sites are rising up.

be relevant
be unique
be original
by syntactically correct
be code compliant
be structured

judge the effect of your SEO by checking the returns on your webstats, & the SE tools pages on the relevant sites, Google Yahoo Bing Ask

(Bing: formerly MSNsearch, renamed

Hi !
First of all you should check the content of your site.Check the content should be unique and you have to do link building with fresh and unique content.

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