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Well, in order to overcome the bounce rate you first need to understand what bounce rate actually is, it can also be called as exit rate of visitors over your site. Like I reached over your website and I found that your website is porly designed, it doesn't have the information I am looking for, it has not content to keep me connected, or your page has too many annoying ads.... etc ! Then What I do is I'll tap over the close button and exit your website. So, I guess now you have the idea what bounce rate is and also how you can overcome the problem of bounce rate !

PS: I can see that you have put your name as ritatseo. I would say if you don't know this please for godsake change that that name because of ....... first of all try learning before trying to sell yourself !

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ritatseo, is his/her username on other forums as well, not "ritat seo", just unlucky it fell in this forum, where there are so many bad bad SEO usernames

They do bearings, pretty well, answered some questions for me on sealed bearings to replace greasable on another forum; and it worked. I'm in Aus they are in India, no likelihood of a sale, but good answer

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