Is Link Building necessary to rank no 1 on their any other way to rank website on google top position for certain keywords with out doing much of linkbuilding ?

IN addition to SEO , if your target is raising funds then you can join
Facebook causes.keep one coloumn where you can update your content.YOu can also use facebook share comments.Twitter comments that will keep your site upadated.As far as my experience is concerned the more your site remains updated there are more chances of it getting ranked in google.YOu can also use feeds.YOu can also use videos uploaded on youtube and linked to your website.You can also use facebook application.
There is no guarentee of your site remaining no1 in google .google never ever guarentees it.Yes there is simple rule the more updates you have .Or As far as your site is concerned it is an NGO so you can update your site activities on facebook twitter Feeds Blogs and then get these updates shown on your site.this way even if u dont link to yuor site the update you share on these sites already get reflected on your site so content remains afresh and there are chances that your site gets ranked higher in google.

Link building is necessary to help you in getting traffic as well as it also helps you in getting you ranked over the SERPs but that doesn't means only by Link building is going to rank you up ! There are other things too

EARLY one year link building is necessary after that if your brand promot well then you may be ignor the seo. But in Seo content is necessery for the site. it is not possible to engage the users Without aquality content. if following things is good then you may be leave the seo after promot the brand.

Quality products
Quality services
Effective CRM (customer relationship management)

Well, yes you are to some extent correct that content do matters but what more I would like to add up over here you can't neglect the power of backlinks because at the end of the day, google also considers it while ranking you over the SERPs, Look, actually there nothing we can bet with Google like you were saying that only content matters now and if we don't create backlink and keep te content good and fresh you are going to be on top of the list,especially the place where competetion is like somethign which you just can't imagine. So, I would say instead of holding only one branch of the tree and making sure that you can hang on it for a longer time period I would say better option will be holding all all the branches to make sure that you can hang over it for a longer period of time. Also I almost forget to mentioned when I talk about backlinks they should be legimitate one not like you are buidling backlink for the sake of throwing backlink over to the various portion of the blog or ........ ! Kepp it in mind and things will always remain positive i.e. by your side !

What is the easiest way to gain high PR backlinks?

@robertlaar it is not easy to get high page rank backlinks But i give you idea then it may be easy for you. Check the backlinks of the haigh compititor and get links from the same sites.

@robertlaar There's nothing like easiest way of getting high PR backlink aslo I think you are running a little outdated over here because PR is something dead and I don't think that there's any use of giving much attention over to the Page Rank. Better to concentrate over the other things i.e. the Page Authority and Domain Authority. And also please remove the term easiest way from your dictionary as that's something which I don't think is going to help you rather than what better would be start looking for a way around ! Start building links by taking help of yahoo answers, forum posting, Q/A's etc !

yes, i have chances to do like that, but it's depend on the content and your site presentation. if your solution or information or any other content is much unique than any other website. then it can be possible.

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Not necessary to do SEO if you think your website can bring lots of traffic automatically without promotion. If trust and visitors on your website are more than enough, then you won't be needing seo to rank your websites.

link building is like brand recognition, thats how google knows that people respect and like your content & has a very large influence on your rankings. the more links (quality links) the higher your ranking

ranking on google is like a popularity constant with the number of links being the popularity score. its a voting system but not all links are equal.