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I am doing local SEO for my website. Two keywords are ranking 23 and 55. I have found that there is no increase in ranking of the keywords. The ranks are fluctuating + or - 5 quite a long time. when i checked the google webmaster tools, found that here is a site map error indicated which is as below.

**Sitemap: /contact-us **

This Sitemap was submitted Aug 4, 2014, and processed Feb 1, 2015

issue: Sitemap is HTML.

Description: Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead.

Example Tag: html

Line: 2

Feb 1, 2015

I would like to know ho far this error influence the improvement in rankings. I mean, if i sort this issue, by resubmitting XML site map replacing HTML site map. will there is chance in improvement in my rankings.

I request all folks to give their valuable suggestions towards solving this error and also how to improve the ranks further.


No. Sitemap errors will not affect your rankings. Sitemaps are used to help search engines find your pages. They can only help you, not hurt you. If your sitemap has an error, you should correct it because you want Google to know where all of your content is located.

yep like @rtretheway said. it shows search engine spider or bot about your website page.

just create your xml sitemap using sitemap-xml .com and upload that in to your domain. then re submit your sitemap on webmaster tool.

tats it.

google will use that new sitemap on next index.

Kind Regards

@advent_geek and @rtretheway are correct. If you are using a CMS or blog platform there are plugins that will automatically make the site map for you including when you ad new content to the site. I use wordpress and joomla for my sites and both of these platforms have free plugins to make a sitemap for you. If you have a standard HTML site that you made in Dreamweaver you can use:


I think it costs around $30.00 and will scan your site and render an XML document for you. BTW....it works on pretty much any type of site and platform. And its just like having your very own bot to scan your site with as long as you don't block it with the robots.txt file. Good Luck!!

Nope, why do wanna spend money on sitemap creation. sitemap.xml to offer some automated xml creator account. just check it on.

Thanks all for your suggestions. I shall create and resubmit site map through google webmaster tools

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