Getting a backlink from DMOZ is still worth for SEO?

It's worth getting the link, although it's not nearly as valuable as it was a decade ago. But it takes an outrageously long time for a site to be accepted, so just make your sumbission and forget about it for the next 6-8 months.

i was waiting for my approval on dmoz. lol it almost 6 months over.

yep google uses dmoz as one of the ranking factor.

Not worth it anymore. I don't even think Dmoz is maintained anymore, and Google Directory no longer uses it.

yes, still dmoz has been believed to be the most important factor of link building as the link from dmoz is still considered to be most worthful one.

I believe for sure DMOZ is still a high pR link to google if you can accept by them. it's not question about google using them on directory, but a high PR site and links,many people still believe and will find valued site from it.

Dmoz is still maintained but they have a shortage of editors. I got my site and a few others accepted by them and it is a great backlink to have. You can request to become the editor of the category you want to be listed in. If you become an editor you can help make the directory work better and faster.

dmoz is worth the wait, it can boost your link profile quite a lot