Hello!! Recently I started using google webmaster tool for an ecommerce website. The problem is that google is displaying that some pages has duplicate meta descriptions. The pages that google is pointing to are: the product page and the review of this product.
However, the meta description in the product page and its review is not exactly the same. For example:
Procduct page: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Review of the product: Review: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
I've added the word "Review:" before the original meta description in the product review page.
Question: Shouldn't the word "Review:" make the meta description for the page unique so google won't mention is as duplicate ?
Or should the meta description be completely different ? I mean no common words with another page ?
I have 8 similar duplication of this type that google is considering them as duplicate, how to fix this ?
Thank you :)

Try to change the mata discription of that pages which are shown in Google webmaster tool. Your 80% of words are duplicate after adding the review word before the discription.

You should use synonyms of keywords and also change place. Make your own quality description by using keyword.

Meta description tag is very important from SEO point of view. We must create unique meta description for each page. You create separate meta description for each page.

There are some tools available which will help for you to give some hint to create new meta for site.

Thank you all.
mayaestat this is interesting, from where did you get this info ?
Ravi Rajput, Manish02, Austinlanger: I am using a framework, but yes I should make some changes in the source files ...