i want my website to rank on the first page for country level domains i.e i want to rank on the first page for web design for co.zw , co.za and com how do i achieve this

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very simply, you won't,
you may get very close but there are problems
The problem can be expressed as,
I want my brand new car manufacturer to be the biggest seller
Not only do you have to be better than existing car makers,
you have to excede their advertising,
and entrenched users who will never change,
There are about 530 car makers existing,
a billion web sites to compete against
make your site, the best it can be
might be first, might not

Be unique, accurate, fast, code compliant, submit through google webmaster tools, and follow the instructions

read me before you ask for review, code compliant sites rank better in SER contains a heap of useful links

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First of all you need to know your competitors and after that check it out that what strategies they are using currently.You can write good content and some other activities. If you are running a business need online attention.Hire SEO speciallist he will work dedicated for your site & will insure that you are on top of the google ranking.

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