From were we can generate backlinks? how its possible to generate a backlink for a day?

Many are saying that it is through off page submissions?.. But do anyone know that how much submission should be done for a keyword?.. Please help me out

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Best way to generate backlinks are blog commenting, forum posting, social bookmarking and article submission.
No. of submission is depend on your website's domain age. You can submit daily 20 to 25 submission.

The most popular and easy way is plig bookmarking but keep in mind the more easier you get backlink the less worth it has!

Doing an SEO activity help s you get backlink but its better to hire expert if you want fast result, because expert have many links already that can help your website get what you need

According to google algorithm generating instead backlink is not good. Google may can harm your website So, better way of generatng website is nothing but manually submission on haigh domain authority websites like pinterest, Tumbler.

Do not post on external sites expecting returns for a keyword, it does not work that way
By posting links in blog conversations, or as signature links in forum posts, you will receive slightly higer ranking, exponentially increasing with the relevance of the links
BUT If the links are not relevant to the topic of the conversation blog or forum is commenting on, those links are highly negative and counted as spam
ALL of the above posters' signature links are irrelevant to the subject of this thread, will be considered spam by the search bots spidering this well indexed site, and have exactly the opposite effect intended by the poster.
SEbots are very AI,
Positive results: post links to your site only in forums

  1. with threads relevant to the topic of your site, or
  2. geographically located in the area you service.

anything else is spam and downgraded

My sites are education housing and mining related, not relevant to this thread, Look down, NO links,

There are tools and lists of do follow back link sites. One you leave a back link you need to allow at least 30 days for Google to find it. It can even take longer than this.

I have to suggest you "StumbleUpon" will read your mind.

Well, backlinks is not something which you can get immediatly, it take time to be created (until or unless you are not using tools) because there are forums which doesn't allows you putting your link over their forum in just a day. I can see you are looking for bulk links but tell you what instead of looking for bulk of link try focusing where can you get quality backlinks which can pass you the link juice.

There are many sources to get backlinks immediately like,
Social bookmarking,
Directory submission,
Classified submissions,
Forum discussion,
Photo promotions

@wikiads I really doubt about directory submissions I think these techniques are outdated. I don't think there's any use of it other than Yahoo and DMoz directories, I do remeber the time when we are hit by Google Penalty they specifically points directory submission sites out by tell there are unnatural links pointing to your site like the ones... and that links were comming from directories. So, at that time what we have done is taking them out by contacting them and using the Disavow tool. That give me a feel that nope it really isn't helpful at all.

Content marketing is good technique where backlinks can be earned from various websites.These should be done in high quality websites.There shouldnt be any content duplication.Also getting backlinks immediately is just a way for getting your website penalized by google.

We can get good baklink by image sharing sites,social networkin sites,bookmarking,

share directory submission,bookmarking submission,blog,blogcomment, social medias,image sharing,video sharing sites,social booking etc

Brilliant. If you (previous two posters) are going to use the same IP to create two different accounts so you can post as two different people, at least try and remember to post different things rather than just throw the same few words at the screen eh?

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