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Well, I would say pushing yourself over the SERP would require optimising your site which includes on page or off page activites. Other than I don't think there is any other way to do that !


I agree with Kelly. If you want, you can hire SEO company to do the job for you. You need a good web design and real results for SEO.


Well, @muthukutty On-page includes:

-Keyword selection, research and testing
-Meta Description tag
-ALT tags
-H1 tags
-URL structure
-Internal linking strategy
-Keyword density
-Site maps, both XML and user facing
-Usability and accessibility
-Track target keywords

While, Off-page includes:

-Forum Posting
-Classified Post
-Blog posting
-Social Media
-Directories (Yahoo & DMoz directory submission is enough)


what is that signature link? Web design company in chenai ?

How dumb do you have to be ?

You ask questions that demonstrate your:
igonorance of everything web design,
inability to use a search engine,
ignorance of everything you need to know as a web designer,
while promoting youself in your signature as a web designer
Really, Hugely, dumb

These questions, in this very well indexed site, indicate to everybody who may be consider using you, inadequate.

Search engine responses for your company will include these questions before your own website, this is as previously mentioned, a high rank site.

You destroy the chance of success you may have, spamming these fora with your signature link.

Go away, read and learn something about that in which you pretend to be competent.
take online tutorials
come back and ask relevant questions when you have something to ask,
specific questions are easier to answer, and the answers make more sense when the person asking has a grasp of the basics
add relevant answers when you can a few 'solved by muthukutty' tags on web design threads helps heaps.
then your signature link will do you some good

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