Hello folks,

I have been doing SEO for my client website with http:// version since 2.3 months.I noticed that my client suddenly changed to https:// version. When i searched in Google search console, and clicked on Fetch as Google and when submitted, it showed that Redirected, and linked pages submitted to Index. In the search console the sitemap is of the version http://

One keyword without location got ranked in first page with the https:// version of the website,remaining location specific keywords are in 4th and 5th page on SERPs with the same https:// version.

I would like to know whether i need to create a new account for the new https:// version of the website in the Google Analytics which gives the anlaytics code. Do I need to replace the existing analytics code of the http:// version of the website with the new anlaytics code of https:// verison?

Also, do i submit or click add a property in Google Search Console and add the https:// version of the website. and remove the old sitemap file and upload a new site map file in search console.

I have stopped doing SEO since a week, and i request friends to help me out regarding what changes i need to enforce to continue with the SEO process


I remember that the same thing happened to one of my sites a while back. I went with the safe route and updated my sitemap and Google Analytics code. Have you seen any ranking changes?

  1. Check that all internal links point to new https version.
  2. Update the canonical tags.
  3. Submit the new sitemap.
  4. Check google search console (webmaster tools) for any errors.
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