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Can You Rank A Keyword With All Nofollow inbound Links?
Have you ever tried it with low competitive keywords?

That was on a myth list. The myth was "Nofollow Links Will Hurt You Rankings: They won’t unless you are spamming at a huge scale."

So don't spam and it's fine.

Yes, especially if they're from sources like Wikipedia. Nofollow links are fine, especially if they're not for competitive keywords. As with all backlinks and anchor text, just keep it varied and you will be okay.

You can rank anythinh you want, inbound links are but a handful of considerations the search engine uses to gather information as to the value of the content of the web page you wish to rank. Many other ranking fther factors are equally if not, more imporatnt than incoming links.

If many of your links are nofollow, Google will definitely not penalize your Keyword, but you’ll struggle to rank highly in Google results pages – solely because nofollow links don’t improve search rankings.

Yes it is possible to increase rank with nofollow links but for high rank you need to get links from high authority website.

no i think you can not rank your site with no follow link , no follow links are helpful for traffic

Apologize for the terrible spelling the last post I made here.

I think I wanted to make the point that to think you can rank keyphrases using external linking factors is to want to manipulate the search engine into believing that the linked web page is of some importance; enough importance that it should highly rank for a particular keyword phrases. Most search engines are smarter than that and most search engines do not rank web pages in this way exclusively. They establish importance based on a variety of factors both externally orientated and internally driven by the web page.

Just as a side note. By far, the most important ranking factor considered would be the stablishment of trust between the web site and the search engine. Artificially inflated web pages may often appear in results pages but they do not usually stand very long as keyword competitors in any search criteria, regardless of its competitiveness.

no you can not improve your google search rank through no follow inbound links,

No, nofollow links is bad links, so affect your ranking.

I can't say that you rank, and you must, but I'm sure that nofollow links have a huge impact for SEO, believe me that. This is the process that I used for a blog named pcmate to rank for the keyword "pcmate". From page 10, it went to page 2. I will still put some more backlinks, and I'm sure it will get ranked #1

You might think the OP would know the answer, what with them being the 'best SEO service provider in Bangladesh' and all. Then again, you might think the OP was just here copying questions from off the web in order to spam their signature links...

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Call me an antagonist. But it's rather suspicious that 6 absolutely new accounts respond to this thread after one another. As these new users have between 1 to 5 posts and aren't really popular.

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