Hi !! Which SEO Method nowadays effectively work? Like- How to optimize SEO method for better ranking and traffic for healthcare website?

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Now, a time to share the information and solutions to the users who always preferred to it. So quality content is the best way of optimizing your website through the natural ways.


For a health care website...It truly depends on your situation. I would say it is not enough to just ask what you are asking. Would have to do some looking into, I mean are you trying to rank some healthcare affiliate products? Are you trying to become a resource for some type of health care? Or are you just trying to rank your local dentist site? (LOL)


as an SEO Executive i think the there is not just a "Single page factor(whether its Off-page or On-page)"can rank your webpage because google(or any other search engine) just don't include a single factor in their PageRank algorithm.So you need to concentrate on both On-Page factor as well as Off-Page factor.But yes,Backlinks from High PR sites have more value.

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