Can anyone suggest how to increase traffic for the particular website using organic SEO.

Hi there and welcome to DaniWeb! A moderator removed the link from your post because it came off pretty spammy. You were sneaky about it and hid the link in anchor text in your post, which makes it seem like the only reason you posted was for the backlink.

Lucky for you, I'm a moderator and can see what that link was, so I can help you. It's possible you'll never be back to read or appreciate the time I've spent writing this, as you just cared about the backlink. However, if you cared about the backlink, then you genuinely care about SEO feedback to help your organic traffic, which means if you see this, you'll appreciate it.

Firstly, I think that a big problem with your site is that you're trying to employ the same black hat tactics on the site as you were here. The same way we were quick to rule your post as spammy, Googlebot will find your site spammy. Your meta keyword and description tags are super duper keyword stuffed and spammy.

Secondly, you use the font tag, which has been deprecated long ago in favor of CSS. Thirdly, you use app caps for your headings. Again, you should be using the css text-transform: uppercase CSS for this. ALL CAPS IS SPAMMY.

You have a lot of javascript files at the bottom of the page. Condense them into one file, and remove the ones you don't absoutely need/use. It will help a lot.

That's what I saw at first glance on your homepage. If you take the time to respond, then I'll realize you care and appreciate my help, and I'll take more time to help.

To increase traffic on your site your can do seo of your site, seo contains two steps are follows:

On the page seo tasks:
Keyword Research and Analysis for the website,Meta Tag Optimization for targeted pages of the website.,Website Verification from Search Engines like google webmaster tools,bing webmaster tools, alexa verification.

Off Page Seo Tasks:
Search Engine Submissions,Submissions in Search Engine Friendly Directories,Article writing,Article Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Classified Advertisement etc,Blog Creations,Blog Commenting,Blog Writing,RSS Submissions,Forum Postings.

Basic SEO for the website by covering the on-page optimization off-page optimization and the speed.
After the above steps you need to build the best content to attract good quality of traffic by optimizing the keyword on the page content as well as back-end seo (meta data) and market the content every where (social media).

This will work out easy for bringing the your keywords to google or other searchengine top pages and u will find good amount of traffic.

Just try to create new and content rich articles and share them on everywhere. Spread your content like virus. Surly Google will give rank your time but it takes time and consistency.