Hello Friends:

I have been online for sometime. It is still too hard to get listed on Dmoz. In fact, I never get listed on Dmoz and Yahoo.

Any advice is appreciated.


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I still wait for listing at dmoz

You need to follow their rules in submitting your site. I know it's hard but I'm sure your site will be get listed if you follow their rules.

You need to follow their rules in submitting your site. I know it's hard but I'm sure your site will be get listed if you follow their rules.

will you please share the "rule with us"

I have the same problem and I'm following their rules. But in fact are they still important and usefull?

Just submit in it and forget about the listing because nothing in our hand after submission.

yes flower is right. Just follow their rules and submit and just for it to get listed. Nothing more can be done more than that

A DMOZ listing is handed out by a DMOZ editor, who is a volunteer, working for free (I said:working for free, ziltch, nada, no money, could be starving to death but still works for free ...)

On another note, never have I ever seen a DMOZ editor accept, word for word, a submission, unless they have been pursuaded. We read about this once in a while, when a DMOZ editor gets himself trapped in a bribery scandal.

DMOZ editors essentially can pick and choose whatever web pages they want to list, entitle and describe them in whatever way they deem fit but within a strict set of editorial guidelines which they can choose to ignore, when pursuaded.

Is a DMOZ listing important? In some cases yes, but in most cases, a DMOZ listing has just about the equivalent value as being just another directory listing, like the tens of thousands of other directories that one can obtain a listing from.

The best advice is the standard advice, indeed craft a submission as it is possible that it could play an important role as a ranking factor (depending on several unrelated variables such as choice of directory topic, which datacentre is accessed to facilitate the keyphrase search, choice of search engine regions, the actual wording in the keyphrase search, their DMOZ title compared to your web page Title, descriptions comparison in the same manner etc.). After you submit your offering, it's best to just let it go and basically move on with your life.

There are good directories out there that you can submit. I submitted several websites to dmoz, but still they are not approved. However other high PR directories have approved long ago. If I get not approved by dmoz, I would see there is no problem.

But, i have heard that Dmoz is very much important as it provides search results for many of the popular search engines and online portals. I too have submitted to Dmoz but didn't got accepted nor received any email from them. I think other web directories are the one i will go with.

will you please share the "rule with us"

You can find the DMOZ policy in submitting a site here. It is important that you follow the instructions listed their.

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