Can anyone give the suggestions to make a seo friendly website using best seo techniques?

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Hi sasikudo, if you want to make your website seo freindly then you have to need work on various things like as:

Make your URL structure “SEO friendly”
Choose Proper keywords
Optimise images
Create an XML sitemap
Integrate social media

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My favorite response is ask google
Google webmaster tools, gives a comprehensive listing of everything you need
to make yoursite SEO current, any time the algorithms change, free, personalised, from the ones who make The_Rules
get a google webmaster account, Its Google doing most of your SEO for you

This sticky read me before you ask for review, code compliant sites rank higher is SER may contain some hints you havent seen

Reuben1's post iterates the broad instructions and concepts, they would be great search terms for anyone looking to set up SEO for their yoursite

Great first post Rueben1

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Few Points I wish to add to the above replies.

  1. Target long tail keywords to rank faster in SERP
  2. Use keywords in H1 Tag.
  3. Use hypen ('-') in-between words in the url (something like,
  4. At least include one relevant image in every page and use title tag for images.
  5. If possible add other media like videos.

User friendly and responsive design website. Add unique content in the website. Proper url structure(use hypen and avoid other symblos), add all meta tags, image tags, heading tags, adding keywords in title and description. Try to integrate all social networks i you website.

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redirect your to so that you dont split your link juice & domain authority/page authority

reiterating iqcomtech, proper file structure
what ever you create, should make sense to users who have no prior idea/experience of yoursite

reiterating sally_2, keep your mojo
preferred links is an option in your webmster tools account

create meta tags Optimise , content optimization , Optimise images, XML sitemap

  1. Create user friendly unique content & URL
  2. Use LSI keywords
  3. Keywords must be added in Meta Descripotion, Meta title & content
  4. Create XML sitemap
    Thease are all assist you for make a website as seo friendly

I give some suggestion below

  1. Create user friendly content.
  2. Choose user friendly targeted keywords
  3. Targeted keywords are added in long tail title, Meta Description
  4. Image optimization

the content should be unique
titles should be long tale
thirdly the keywords should be there in meta title and description,
xml sitemap
image optimization
responsive design
all these techniques are necessary

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