If a website gets a bite from Penguin update of google; what are the measures to recover fast?

There is no fast recovery from seo updates.Just remove all the badlinks and focus on high quality links and less quality link building.It would take minimum 2 months to recover.

Agree to mindsreak. Also you need a penguine refresh from Google.

Well, nope there are no shorcuts you need to take the long way i.e starting working over the link removal process. If you've been hit by the pengium penatly I am sure you may have recived some messages over manual action page over the Google Webmaster Tool. So, I'd say better to have a look at it, Why I am saying this is because we have suffered from the same and after fighting it for more than a year we managed to get our penatly revoked.

No fast recovery for website ranking. We should always care of our meta, contents submitted and quality link for website.

actually there is no any effective way of get fast recovery with the penguin but yes when you got penaty before that you will get a notification and after that your site got penalty then there is tool that disavow tool that help to recover from the penalty but it take some time