You might have been through boring same old SEO Marketing Tips and articles, but this is different. These are the latest seo techniques 2017 left us with and these aren’t the same old. These will help you up your game quite a bit.

SEO marketing is essential to the success of your marketing campaign and your business. And yet, it is often overlooked by entrepreneurs. For some, it seems like a huge technical task that is beyond their grasp. Other entrepreneurs focus their promoting on social networks

Whether you outsource or do it yourself, follow these tactics to make the most of your SEO marketing

  1. Don’t skip the ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags on images.
  2. Keep your content up-to-date
  3. When looking for keywords consider long-tail keywords for your blog posts.
  4. Guest Blogging for SEO
  5. Use readable and meaningful URLs only
  6. Use the right keywords in your images
  7. Create & publish unique content consistently to improve your rankings.

Not just the content but the over all usability of a website has been among to top criteria in the new age SEO. Search engines, especially Google, check all the websites from user perspective. If your site is user friendly, you get rewarded a good rank on search engine.

Another important criteria is the mobile perspective. Recently Google confirmed that it would index the mobile version of each website. Any website which is not mobile friendly is likely to lose its rankings.

Off page activities have evolved as well. It is not just about link submissions anymore. You need to be smart enough to identify the right sites to submit links. Content marketing is getting important.

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