I'll have one Google Translator and a side of salad please.


Lately everyone on the Web has been wanting to know about one thing Google Buzz, well I'm tired of that subject. I would probably write about a different company but when I found out that Google is getting into the food industry, I felt that I had to write about it.

Google isn't going to be opening up a Google Diner or anything like that but they are working on enhancing the types of food you can eat by breaking the language barriers that so many of us have run into at restaurants. What am I going on about? An alpha version of Google Goggles that can translate a menu of food in a different language into your language with a single snap from your camera enabled phone. They say that it will be awhile before this is an available feature. I'm guessing that they mentioned it at such an early stage as an attempt to try lower the amount of Google Buzz articles.

I know that this feature is still very much in the alpha stage but I see it being used for so much more than just menus at restaurants. I think if they made one that let you flip through a bunch of papers and it instantly changed the words via your phone, it would majorly help universal communication and possibly even help governments communicate better and therefore help avoid wars.

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They have published it before the negative Buzz of Google Buzz. I heard some people at an online translation service named Tomedes ( http://www.tomedes.com ) saying it's a matter of months till the service is Beta lunched.

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