Hello Guys,

Please provide me the best do follow link for blog commenting, if you have and also suggest me the best way to blog commenting post.

Blog commenting with irrelevant spammy backlinks will hurt your SEO, so if you still want to get something out of this old school backlink strategy, you better want to do this right. So you have to put really some effort into this which means placing comments that add value to the article or blog post which should be related to the core bsusiness of the website you (back)link to.


EDIT: Oh and dofollow or nofollow... it doesn;t matter. Google doesn;t do anything with links in blog comments other then penalizing if it's a backlionk to an irrelebvant resource/website.

commented: True. In another forum, requests come in to remove links due to the penalty. +15

The best way to be useful. Your comment should contain not only your link but also useful information for the user on the subject of the blog.

Hello Angela Its very simple you search in google Do Follow Blog Commenting site list . Thousand of list available in Google . But you doing Blog commenting so please checke site list PA and DA is Minimum 20 Above both

commented: spam, spam, spam -1
commented: spam, spam, spam -3
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