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its known that twitter links are nofollow but it seems the tweets distributed to other networks is being considered as backlinks. Also the twitter profile pages (yours exclusive) seems gaining page rank too. How this can help in terms of search engine optimization of our blogs and sites? any idea would be greatly appreciated.


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Simply twitter is traffic driving media for your site, if you use it properly and do not spam my only you own products.

Simply twitter is traffic driving media for your site, if you use it properly and do not spam my only you own products.

Yes, we use Twitter for traffic generation too.

Twitter's links are NoFollow, and as a result, they're practically useless for link building. However, because they're such high PageRank, they can get on the front page of the SERPS just with a few backlinks.

I don't think that Twitter is useful for SEO,
However, I am sure that we can gather a huge referral traffic via Twitter.com

Yes twitter is traffic driving source for your websites and it can be beneficial if you are constently twitting your website pages and retwitting others also.

yes it is a resource to drive traffic but if will work only when you constantly twit your URL and retwit others too.....

Right, Twitter would not only help our sites in getting lots of traffics but also build backlinks for our sites though they would not be helpful for PR purpose. In my own experiences, putting links in our tweets would be really helpful for prompt indexing purpse. :)


Twitter has value for off page SEO, but it can complement to internet marketing instead of being used as SEO tool.

Of course twitter provide a good platform for increase our site traffic and site popularity. We can increase our site traffic by increase our follower on twitter and we should provide useful information on twitter.

it is very helpful for the traffic.one of my friend having 9k followers in his twitter account and this is the way he is earning good money.


with the help social networking site twitter, you can increase or get more traffic for site but in terms of SEO, I don't think, It's Work

Google does still track backlinks even if they are nofollow. It's just that the weightage or link juice is way way lower. If you see it as traffic generation, it's not a bad idea.

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