How to increase my website page rank, I am posting High page rank authority websites and participate in SMO, as far as using unique content .

Published page ranks, are nothing to do with google, its one of the things that google keeps close to the chest
Services that provide page rank do so by estimating what they believe google will see and respond to.
They do seem to be quite accurate, If you observe sonmething often enough you can get a good idea of its operation
Look up the directive 'nofollow' and it will explain why there is little result
those sites did not get to rank highly allowing all sorts of spam to be traced back to them
your posts are likely not considered by search bots as relevant

Get a google webmaster account and do it properly
What anyone who isnt Google has to say is less than useless
google will provide you with step by step instructions to make your site as good as it can be.
Personalised Instructions from the ones who make the rules

smo works for social activity, if your site is not socially based, it may not produce much results
Relevant posts on relevant websites, have better results than irrelevant posts on higher rank irrelevant web sites, keep your target on your industry

Well, I would say don't concentrate much over it I would say just keep the good work up and eventually when the next Page rank update occurs your page rank will increase automatically. Let us just say if you want to be real quick with page ranks and you buy high pr links or something like that then I am sure upon the next update you will see its adverse effect. So I would say, it would be better not to concentrate over it rather than concentrate over the works you are doing. So when the next PR update starts happening then automatically you will see your page rank in increasing order.

If you want to improve your page then do seo in high page rank websites. You have to improve your domain value by posting comments in high page blogs, forums, social bookmarking sites etc.

@thefasninja1 what is going to happen once google updates page rank and then decrease down the page rank of the high PR sites and ... ??? I would say rather than getting things in this way why don't you get things working by performing the correct activites and stop worrying about the PR.

Am I alone in finding it ironic that the 'Best SEO company in Bangalore' has to ask what page rank is and how to increase it?

Page Rank is number which given by Google to every website. Google gives a number out of 10 to every website. And its updated time to time according to websites perfomance what type of work you doing for improving your website ranking, business, and traffic. Google track all the activities which you have done for promotion of your website and on the base of back links update page rank.

Happygeek, nope,
I find it funny as hell
that the backlinks they get from the signatures, indicate just how lacking in everything they are

This is a algorithm which is used by google to rank the websites in search engine result. It's a technique of measuring the importance of websites pages. It lies between 1 to 10.

If your peforming high quality link building and gaining good quality backlinks then the page rank of a website will increase but it would take time.Only once or twice a year, the page rank is updated.

increase domain authority and page rank can be used by high quality content, fresh content and links from high quality websites

PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results.

Why would anybody look to improve page rank today? Google is now measuring the page on DA and PA along with the spam score.

However, page rank is a value given to a page to show how important the page is. This value is determined by the amount and quality of the links to a web page.

While DA is an advanced version of identifying the value of a page. It is determined by quality of the page, on-page optimization, content, backlinks, page structure and others. You should be looking at improving the DA for your website.

I believe that Page Rank is still important but Google is just not updating it. There is also much more ranks factors than DA and spam score. Let's be honest. Increasing Domain Authority by posting high quality and fresh content, and what's more important links from high quality websites should help anyway.

Page Rank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. It works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is.

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