How many types of Meta Tags are there in SEO? What are their characters limits?

There are 4 types of Meta tags

  1. Meta keywords Attribute
  2. Title tag
  3. Meta Description Attribute
  4. Meta robots Attribute

1.Meta keywords Attributes they are not useful now a days.

  1. Title tag is very important for every seo they are display on search engine results page, you need to decide your title for ranking. It is aHTML element.
  2. Meta description Attribute is a 155 characters content which tells about your website. Under the meta title it will appear in the search engines results page.
  3. Meta Roobots Attribute works as a guidence for Google robot, what to crawl and what not to crawk on web pages of a websites.

Hi psharma66,
There are 4 types of meta tag in SEO
1.Title tag - 50-60 Character
2.Meta Description - 150-160 Character
3.Meta keywords -
4.Meta robots

Types of Meta Tag
Meta Keyword Attribute, Title Tag, Meta Description Attribute, Meta Robots Attribute.

Keyword Limit
Title Tag - 60-70 characters, Description Tag - 80-156 characters.

There are many more than that!

There is author, viewport, refresh, generator, etc.

Meta Keywords Attribute - A collection of key phrases you deem relevant to the web page in query.
Title Tag - This is the textual content you will see at the pinnacle of your browser. ...
Meta Description Attribute - A quick description of the web page.

there are two types of meta tags excluding meta keywords
1.Meta title - 55-60 chars

  1. meta Description - 150-160 chars

Title tag - 50-60
Meta Description - 150-160
author, viewport,Meta robots, refresh, generator