How to analyze competitor website?

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Just a suggestion, but instead of repeatedly asking inane, vaguely worded, open-ended questions that seem intended only to boost your post count, why don't you try asking specific questions? If you don't put any thought into asking a question you are likely to get only inane, vaguely worded, open-ended answers by people who are just trying to boost their post count.

By the way, links in signatures don't get counted in google searches.

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Links in signatures are not used for google searches and SEO. So you may be degrading your reputation for nothing.

Your questions are rather horrible and inane and even when folk reply you are not engaging in your conversation. As such you are building up a reputation and it's not a good one. That may hurt your business attempts as well as folk read what you are doing here.

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Wappalyzer will tell you the technologies used.

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Just because a competitor gets a lot of traffic doesn’t mean they’ve won the website game. Sometimes a website gets traffic for content that isn’t very good!

That’s why it’s so important to go beyond the numbers and take a close look at what is actually there on your competitors’ pages. What information do they cover? Are there any clear gaps? Do they have an FAQ section? If they do, maybe it’s missing something obvious.

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