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content marketing is the best marketing strategy there is. its a long term strategy and in the long term it gives u the best return on investment. if u have good content it means that your website will rank high on search engines


Content Marketing is one of the best marketing strategy. It is helpful because Content Marketing is cheaper compare to alternative form of marketing, it can also increase sale, it can help build relationship with your audience and it can also build the brand awareness and company's reputation.

Hope it helps!


Content Marketing is the latest strategy which can help a business or website to acquire traffic, leads and also generate backlinks. Content marketing using blogs, articles can help to build backlinks so as to increase the keywords ranking in the search results.


Now content marketing plays a significant role, but you have to make sure that you are posting only original and informative content. You also need to keep on updating your posts.


Hi Emma,

Content marketing is very important nowadays for the reason that we can use this method in promoting our business. With content marketing, we can easily endorse the business by blogging and writing a unique article about it. By giving true and relevant information about the products/services we are offering, we can engage more visitors to our website and create some traffic. It can also be optimized by using relevant keywords.

Here are the three characteristics your article needs to have:

  • Unique content
  • Must have reliable information
  • Fresh idea
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