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I want my site on number one so i want to find back links of number one sites.So I want to know How to find back links of competitors sites?

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well thats quite simple
goto backlink watch and post the link of site whose backlinks you want to look for..
there are many other sites like backlink watch

Free back link tools are available you cn check throug it.

in deep or hoe to do it can u explain stepwise.

back link watch links help for you. Thanks.

Try webmeup tool to analyze backlinks of your competitor website, you may also try ranksignals tool also.

Thanks for feedback !!!

Well, I totally agree with @shapana you can use the "webmeup" tool to analyze your backlink.

The best tool to check competitor backlinks is www.backlinkwatch.com

Free back link tools are available you cn check throug it.

Backlinkwatch is the tool by which you can see the competitors backlinks.

backlinkwatch is good tool to check competitor backlinks

Hi!I want to create backlinks for my website bhai.pk and the website is about comparison pakistan, compare price pakistan, coupon pakistan, compare stores, online stores reivew.

@Jacob: Just keep going on with the forums, yahoo answers, blog posting you will start getting back links.

Woow...you have multiple options...one of them are MS anyway...or some similar tool...alexa is ok to:)...

Search for backlink watch & ahrefs in your search engine.
These two are really good online tools.

There are hundreds of online tools available to check the competitors backlinks..
Some of them are ahrefs,opensiteexplorer,majesticseo etc..The above mentioned seo tools are premium tools and ofcourse they are best in the industry..
if you are looking for free seo tools to check backlinks ranksignals.com and backlinkwatch.com are best in my opinion..
You can even use google search operator to find competitors backlinks to outrank them...
link:domain.com -site:domain.com
With the above query you can get backlinks of a particular domain.(
Not all the backlinks)

You can using backlinkwatch website to checking the competitors backlinks..

Here's a tool that you can use to spy on your competitors' backlinks 'SEO Razer' . You can reveal many of their backlinks in a matter of minutes. We provide you a expert help for your query or your problems about back links.

So have a look on this tool, and visit us on:-

Also find us:-

use the open site exploer and ahrefs to scan the website. You will get their backlinks list.

There are many back link checker tool available in internet, I will give some best tool list
1.Analyze Back links
3.Open Site Explorer
4.Link Diagnosis
5.W3tool’s Backlink Checker

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