Hi All,
I have a travel site and it's 10 keywords are rank in top ten in Google and now i get the 20 new keywords for same site (all are not in Google )
if i again make changes in META then it will effect my previous keyword ranking ? if yes then what i have to do ???


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First and foremost, the Meta Keywords tag is a search engine tag. It's importance as an indicator varies. In some cases, it is very important as the search engine may have trouble picking out the important keyphrases within the content, in other cases it is of no value whatsoever as the content clearly highlights the web page's important keyword phrases.

I would concern myself more with the Meta description tag, another search engine tag. Rewriting descriptions can greatly affect keyphrase performance in the results pages.

No this will not effect your previous keyword ranking. But don't emphasis on this too much. You are required to have quality contents on your website this is where google make more emphasize than on any other thing.

Thanks for your suggestion now by your guideline i am going to put new keyword in my Travel related site whose 10 keyword is already ranking .........

You siggy looks spammy. Also, changing meta description will have an impact on current rankings. Anything that you change on the page will have an impact on your rankings.

Yes my dear, Your changes may effect the rankings of old keywords, I suggest you to create new pages based on the new keywords and promote them separately..

All the best!

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