I have been reviewing my Google Analytics logs lately and noticed that visitors from MSN convert very well. What are some tactics I could use to improve my rankings on this engine?

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MSN seems to like keyword-rich URLs a lot. Hard to say for sure because they keep changing their algorithm rather frequently.

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, don't think that rewriting my URLs for MSN is a viable solution for me.

MSN seems to like keyword-rich URLs a lot.

I agree with that. I must say that optimizing website for msn rankings are easy. I get my complete new website ranking good for top keywords in just 10 days :)

And i agree that, this is not best solutions to rewrite your urls now, because you have over 500.000 pages indexed by google.

On page SEO is hard when you run a website where members supply all of the content. Plus, I am not one for paying close attention to keyword density and the like because I think it just makes things way too unnatural.

This is how I do it. And I rank # 1 on MSN for some of the most lucrative keywords, including "NYC Real Estate".

The trick is to find a high PR site that got busted by Google for selling text links, and has had their ability to pass page rank revoked. Some of the big dogs include the wall street journal, oreilly (dani, you remember!), weather underground. There are many other small dogs.

Most of these webmasters know that their links don't dent Google. Webmasters know this because none of the anchor text keywords ranks after a long period of time. Thus the link price is usually significantly devalued.

The hardest part is finding them.

Hint: Look university news paper sites. They are content rich, linked to and heaviliy. They usually sell text links for cheap, that don't do nada on Google but MSN LOVES them.

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