I have a directory where the directory is ODP style and at present i am thinking of using a scoring system for all the submission links into my directory. All sites in my directory will be manually reviewed for quality, content, free of any spam.

What are the most important parameters i should consider when analysing a given link? How much scores i should give to each parameter?

I am sure that many of you own directories, and i would appreciate if you share your experiences with me.

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Instead of you manually scoring every link, what if you allow your website visitors to score the links? In other words, site visitors can vote on various attributes such as design, content, and overall quality. In the long run, it will be much easier to maintain (you won't have to be the one to review every single link) and visitors will hold the ratings in higher regard than if they were just one person's opinion.


i understand this of a voting model, but in the long run it is ok

i dont think it would be very successful than being scored and reviewed by experienced human editors. incidentally, wont it directly effect quality of site? it wont prevent spammy and sites with excessive advertising options.

another significant problem is, why would visitors care to rank each and every particulars of site by sparing their time. neverthless, a human is the better than ranking machine algorithms.

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