I am new to SEO world and taken up SEO for some forums sites.

I am working on Vbulletin forum. And my prob is I would like to set keywords on every page of the thread but dont know how to do it! I could set up keywords only for the main page of the forum and same keywords are shown (viewing page source) for all the thread pages... however in some other forums I have seen they have managed to put those differnt keywords relevant to each threads.

And probably because of this, contents inside the forums (threads) doesnt show up on search engines unlike other forum sites.

If anyone can help pls do...


The latest version of vBulletin does already include the title of the thread in the meta keywords tag and the title of the thread / forum in the meta description tag.

However, I am not convinced it will make much of a difference at all. Keyword stuffing in meta tags has gotten so out of hand (people fill them with random keywords they want to rank good on) so the search engines have all but discounted them. (The major ones at least).

Instead, focus on getting lots of inbound links ... other people to link to your site. The way to do so is simply by creating content that other people will naturally WANT to link to. In the process you'll be building up a great content-based site for yourself.

Thanks for the reply.... but what I am unable to figure out if i put a whole of sentence found on one of the thread as it is, and do a google search my forum doesnt show on google search...:sad: however there are other forums when i do the same thing there, google search takes me to their forum... What m I missing out??


What m I missing out?

... the joy and satisfaction one receives from creating something uniquely worthwhile for an Internet visitor.

Not all of your threads are indexed by Google. You need to increase the number of external sites linking to individual pages of your site.

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