I just noticed that google is indexing multiple daniweb subdomains while searching for my sitename, sorry if it is against the policy to post a search for my site its hard to get the same result in google. This caused big google problems for an other site my company was develloping. Duplicate content penalties and stuff, we even lost the site from the index for a while.


My advice would be disable all the subdomains and only allow the ones you need.

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Google doesn't penalize for duplicate content on websites anymore. They just filter it out now.

I would be carefull, subdomains are still considdered different websites. This essentially makes google believe daniweb has multiple different copies, can not be good even if you get no penalty for this practice.

We had big problems in ranking cause of this mistake with 1 website, not to long ago. Someone thought it smart to link to subdomains with our keywords in it.... After fixing it ranking came back to normal.


On second thought, it wouldn't hurt to block the subdomains :) I'll have my systems administrator go ahead and do that.

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