i am realy curious , how much can the revenue reach on a website from putting "ads by google", cause i am one of the people who never clicks on them , and rarley look at the ads.........

i know it will differ from wesite to another but lets say considering small , medium , high traffic websites , i am hoping to get answers from people who actualy own a website and uses google adsense ......

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there is no limit

there's actually no answer to this question, it's to general & ONLY depends on YOUR site, it can be just cents or thousands of dollars

And apart from traffic, will depend on the origin of the traffic and most importantly, the topic/content of the website in question.

Some have $1 in one year, while some have $10,000 per month.

Some how 10,000 a day from adsense alone. So really it just depends on your site

I have an adsense ad on my blog, and I had only 1 click in two or three months. Thats about 0.13 USD
It realy works only if you have a serious site.

*cough* daniweb *cough*

*cough* daniweb *cough*


My adsense account is deleted.but i earn from there around 7000$ from six months

Wow, what kind of site (or sites) did you have ads on? What were the stats? Here in Serbia you need to work about two years for that kind of money...

i have totally IT related information website around 20-30.but when for someday i am detuch from internet google disabled my account if you want any type of help then contact me in my group or this forum

First of all it would depend on the how many visitors your site gets. Secondly is the placement of the TEXT based adsense ad.
Now assume a visitor has put in a keyword on a search engine and comes to your site. Obviously he is looking for some thing relevant to his keyword.....now since google servers contextual adverts....the sites listed in the add too would be relevant.....and an ad is always salesy and would encourage the vistor to click it to get more info.

So there you have it......they are taken away from your site.

So the key would be to get your chunk of visitors from the search engines as these are the visitors who are actually on a look out for something specific

It will be interesting to see what happens, I have a blog and just started using Adsense on the blog and it is a google blog too. So, I too am curious to see if it works.

I used to be a member of google adsense and google adwords.

I was removed as a member of google adsense because someone was repetetivly clicking ads. I earned $10 in 1 day from one person before i was kicked out of the program for 'cheating clicks'.

Google still haven't accepted they made a mistake and i now use other ad companies. i earn about $1 daily from ad impressions and clicks.

Great blog, thanx for the link.

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