Hi Guys. I have just registered my site and also want to buy my domain in other suffixes (.com, .net, .biz) to help protect my companies identity and want to point these to my .co.uk site.
My question is will I be penalised for this if they are just pointing to my site (there is no hosting involved) and have not been submitted to any Search Engine.
Also I want to puchase certain mispellings of my domain and do the same thing. Is this OK to do?
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Do not point them all to the same site without a 301 redirect.

Or better said, point all your domains to the same site with 301 redirects. This tells the search engines that all the other domains are the same site. This is the only proper way to do handle multiple domains.

It also helps users that type the typo to go to the right domain, you dont want them to keep going to the typo domain, you want them to come to the right domain.

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