Hello guys! im planning to make a web development website.. well as of now im starting to create the design the page... I just like to ask some tips.. in terms in search engine optimization... is it advisable to my site to make dynamic of my contents? i mean i want it to make the content dynamic meaning it comes from the database so that i can easily change the text anytime i want.. but i'm just confuse if ever i will do it.. can it will be easily crawl my site into any web search engine?

And anyway is there any reflection if my pages will .php or is it advisable to make it .html? Wink Wink

The file extension is irrelevant for SEO. .html does not rank any better then .php.

The file extension is not related to whether your site is dynamic or not. DaniWeb is a dynamic site and we use .html file extensions.

Yes file extension is irrelevant to SEO but it might be in mod-rewrite URL method then it will easy to crawl for search engine for site irrespective of your extension's


I've even run some experiments and found they both do just as well. If you are really concerned both about SEO and the ability to be able easily make changes in the future you could also consider rewriting everything as a folder name rather than a file.

Just make sure you dont have % & ? like special chars in URL.

If you're using php, just wrap the URL names in the urlencode() function and spaces will turn to plus signs, etc.

if you are using Cpanel your life will be bit easy just add document type :) Its also possible via .htaccess just not sure how to do same try google it will give you correct syntex