I run an ecommerce website that sells auto parts. I'd like to know if anyone has any strong feelings about which color schemes are good to use. I've heard that sometimes if a website has certain colors that some visitors bounce from the site simply because psychologically it didn't appeal to them based on the colors. Which colors are effective? And should colors be bold or passive?

I currently run a black and bold blue color scheme, and while the site does well, I keep thinking I might be missing conversions by not have a black and red color scheme.

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hi eric, try find your own scheme bro.
this site maybe useful for your inspiration
click here

Do a google search for color theory to get some information about the subject. What I like to do is choose no more than 3 colors that work well together and keep reusing them throughout the entire site with NO other colors.

It's hard to give you an idea of which colors to go with as they are also industry-specific. Lots of blues in technology, for example. When I think of autos I think of metallic silver and red, but maybe that's just me. Different color schemes evoke different emotions and make people think of different things.

If it's 3 colors, white, blue and black are good, though its a popular color schemes on most sites, personally i don't like sites that use the main background color as a dark one, it may look good but makes it a strain to read, so if there's a lot of text description i advise u don't use colors that are too dark...

In my opinion, combination of metallic colors with black or blue would look good on an ecommerce website that sells auto parts.

Try to make your website a unique one every one do the same checking on yahoo google reading the theory ... if u want to attract people there shud bhi sum thing new which people dun see in other auto parts web... check your competitors first so that u cud know what difference u can give on your site

Thanks for the input everyone! I think I'm going to stick with the blue for now, but will try red next week, and then back again, because the answer will be in the performance. I'll just test it and see. Thanks for input!

A preponderance of red and black turn me off instantly. Unless handled very well / artistically, they simply seem to indicate immaturity. But then that might not be a bad thing.
Anything on a black background likewise evokes images of hackers and kids, that is, it does not give a professional appearance.

But what do I know? I'm a relatively "stodgy" old guy, who really doesn't buy many auto parts from the internet. A fair amount of old VW stuff. The sites I buy from more often than not seem to use some blue and some red, on a white background. www2.cip1.com/

It's not that I see a "patriotic" scheme, it's just that blue is appealing, and red catches the eye.

Beauty is absolutely only in the eye of the beholder, and I am very like NOT your intended audience, those are just my preferences.

So if I don't like it, that is not necessarily a bad thing for you.

It's doesn't hurt that 1. they have some of the best prices around, and 2. searching the site is easy, and 3. they have good part numbering and good descriptions. those things are easily as important as colors. If people can find the parts and the prices are very competetive they will buy.
You can capitalize on virtually any "look" and do well with it. Your look will largely determine your audience and there is nothing wrong at all with appealing to whatever group you are interested in selling to.

I'd spend some time thinking about the bulk of my intended audience, and study what they seem to like... how their cars look, how they dress, the colors they choose. If theres any way at all to determine some of the sites they look at, and particularly, the type of entertainment they purchase or frequent, and try to make your site evoke whatever color and "feel" they embrace as a group.

Why not you ask your visitors about that. Just make a link to get their own ideas for your website coding.

What you think?

You can go look other website of your similar niche and see how they are working with the colors. You can also find many templates online to choose from. But be natural, do not ever over do it.

Good luck :)

Actually it depends on the motive of the site.. I go with blue and white

Yellow and Black color combinations are said to be the most attractive como of colors to the eye. But if your gonna use that, you better be a damn good designer or people might think you sell sunshine and lollipops.

You can go look other website of your similar niche and see how they are working with the colors. You can also find many templates online to choose from. But be natural, do not ever over do it.

Good luck :)

Good luck with your project, the only thing I can tell you is that there is such a thing called a Web safe Pallette which uses I believe 217 colors. If you use a Web safe pallette you willl not be able to use a lot of different colors but it will be viewable in all browsers.

I would say if it is automotive niche, then Plan white, with sky blue or maybe whitish blue color suits the site.


Ask yourself,, Who is your target market? age bracket, social status, etc., This will help you decide faster. But for me,, black and red, good luck!

for my personal opinion White and blue and some orange would get better :)

I thought I'll add my 2 cents in as well.

You should look at colours that are generally associated with your field. For example people normally associate the colour red with words like important, danger, stop. Whereas the colour green is usually associated with the environment, go, safety etc. As an extreme example today homosexual community, they have adopted the rainbow colours.

Society around us have certain established norms, practises etc. It is very hard to go against these established norms. Some times going against them can make people uncomfortable. It confuses them. You'll have to be a very good designer to be able to ignore these.

The colours I personally would associate with motor vehicles are:

  • Orange; RAC, combs used to block roads.
  • Yellow; AA, florescent jackets.
  • Red; Road signs, although only a little.
  • Silver; Metallic body parts.

Personally I would advise having at least 3 colours, two complimentary colours and one that just stands out and shouts at you. e.g. blue and silver and then either a little maroon/brown/purple/yellow/orange.

I think you should go with your gut feel when it comes to presenting your product. Ensure that color scheme brings out all product pictures nicely and also the navigation should be user friendly.... rest start taking feedback from your customers.. after all they are the one who will be watching those color schemes....

I would say good colors are white, blue and grey

I have been working a lot lately with colors and websites and I have noticed certain colors turn people off. Don't use a black background with white text it strains the eyes, if someone uses orange for a background (which I strongly do not suggest) try to make the links readable remember about color blind people and that they need to see your site also try vischeck it is a good program.

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