How to promote a software with small budget? This question bothered me so long time, can anyone help me ? Some advices or suggestions would be appreciated!

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Do you have a website, that advertises your product?

Looks like you have a nice site. Lots of great content, lots of relevant information and links.

I think when you have a small budget you have to find unconventional ways to promote your self. Focus on getting traffic to your site, how can you do that, you ask?

You can build backlinks, get your website a nice ranking, join social communities and blogging groups.

You can also start an affiliate program where you pay other people a portion of your profit to advertise your product, so you only pay out when you make a sale, so your product sells for $60, you can give your affiliate $30, or something like that.

This may make your profits small at first but it helps since now youll have multiple sites supplying traffic to your site.

Good luck!

There are many things you can do like the following:

1. Open the Google PPC;
2. Get better SEO ranking with some important keywords;
3. Contact with some bloggers to review your product and post the review on their blog or other social network;
4. Submit social bookmark of your website;
5. Submit your product to some download webiste (such as, so they could list your products.
6. Write some tutorials for your product and help your users know more about your products.


Hope it helps!


Umm ... if you're trying to have multiple accounts and post a question with one and reply with the other including a plug to your site, it only works if you remember to log out and not use the same account for the question and the answer.

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Your site is great. Give it time... It will grow much.

I think you should make a press release about the launching.

PPC can help your problem. Start first in low paying-keyword.

One more thing to add is, referrals have always been an powerful way of gaining customers. This is especially true for the web, where trust levels can be low for new visitors. So, a referral from a trusted source can make all the difference in converting a visitor into a customer. In fact, tell-a-friend referrals bring the best traffic a website can get, because a referral adds real credibility to your message.

Hello, it is so easy. I used it in my freeware, and it has many downloads over the world.
You can find it here:
{removed plug}

There you can find the download site I've used, add there the PAD file,
also in tucows,

So I suggest that you do:
*Blog and forum commenting with anchor text to your site or products
*Social bookmarks and social networking (the old word of mouth still works).
*Article submission to directories
*Traffic Exchanges to create awareness and brand while driving traffic.
But be sure you create a cool splash page with autoresponder so you can keep following up.
*Solo ads (email marketing) for rapid response traffic.
Combine and use all frequently and you will not only be increasing traffic but also improving you SE positioning.
* Google Adwords (but monitor it closely because the bill may add up very quickly).
* An awesome selling or splash page.
* Lot's of quality and unique content!

If you want to promote ur software at free of cost you need huge quality traffic, 1% conversion is that good. To get traffic:
1. Write unique content
2. Optimize ur site for SEO, optimize both keywords and design
3. Offer something free, let people know that you have a blog and some good content. Update blog regularly, write some informative topics, gain subscribers.
4. Join twitter, interact with people of ur niche, make 2000+ followers in 2 months. Then everyday you will get 300+ unique visitors to ur site.
5. Write quality articles and press release. If ur PR is picked up by Google news then you are done!

And if you want to spend some money:
1. Use an affiliate network (Clickbank, CJ), offer 30%-50% of sales
2. Join several software seller sites (,, lot more). These sites have huge traffic, so you don't have to worry for traffic.
3. Join several active forums (web promotion), offer ur product.

You can use a PAD submitter software and that will upload your software to shareware sites.

know PPD program? it's a good way of software promotion

You can do article marketing , Write features and description of your product and submit it on Technical articles section. Hope it would be grab more visitors to your site.

PPC is best option for promoting Brand

There are a lof of free soft direcotries. Alos there is a system called pad where you only place the link of the pad in the direcotry ( not the whole description )

Nice question you have asked. I've been assocaited with digtal marketing with software develovemtn company Ajoft technologies and can tell you that promotiong is really hectic if you don't hit the right spot. First of all target the required customers and pitch it. Focus on both Online and offline marketin. For the Online marketing you can focus on PPC service as well or else ypou can find some free websites which help for self- promotions stuffs! Don't forget social media. It's the best free meduim you will ever find. And also, sometime software developemt companies also provide some business consulting.. you can consult them for proper inforamtion as well. I found this, hope it might be useful:

Thank you. :)

Go to Fiverr and visit the "Get Traffic" category look for the high-rated gigs and select a few. You wil be surprised.

1.You can promote on social medial by creating facebook page.
2.Can go for digital marketing company who are doing email marketing.
3.Do SEO for your website to come on front in search engines for selected keywords.

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