I was wondering whether paid blogging is a good idea? there are a variety of services available like payperpost and smorty? there are mixed views about this, i don't think google likes them either, but if they don't mind text based ads(ie google ads) whats the difference with paid blogging, as long as the links are relevant i think its fine? also, its a great way for bloggers to earn some quick bucks and complement themselves instead of waiting for centuries before the make the same amount via adsense or some other advertiser...maybe im missing somethin...pleas leave your feedback.

??? - [paid blogging is where advertisers pay bloggers something like 5-25 dollars on general to blog about their product,service or site and leave and anchor text link which they prefer, for example if dani wanted me to blog about daniweb on my blog she might want me to leave an anchor link to daniweb.com for the phrase "IT discussion community" in my post"..its all arranged by a paid blogging company like PayPerPost or Smorty, etc.)]

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Either it is paid or not that does not matter but definitely content matters, if you don't know well about a product or service don't write it, just take a look about Matt's review about such blogs, it will help you when you are going to write a review; http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/selling-links-that-pass-pagerank/

Hmm..finally..a reply.. iasked this q like years back..anyway i believe in writing good quality paid reviews too but still google don't like them and i wouldn't want to get my main traffic source pissed off..i get quite a bit of review requests from ppp n smorty from $5 to $20 but haven't taken anything yet..

well..i just logged into ppp...u can make that $5 to $25, nothing which fits my niche anyway..

well..i just logged into ppp...u can make that $5 to $25, nothing which fits my niche anyway..

To fit your niche you need to add the keywords covering well the overall theme of your blog and resubmit to their system, you will notice the assignment will start coming up matching your theme.

Its like contextual link building. Only have to make sure is the blog is TOP ranked and related to my niche. Good article content with keyword anchor text.


I wouldn't think that google would care if it is a paid article or not, good content is good content.

I think where you might lose out on is if you keep praising bad products because they paid you $20 to write an article, you will lose out on your visitors.

However on the flip flop of that, if the articles are well written and researched and given an honest oppinion on whatever the subject is, then IMHO I don't see any down side to this at all.


I would like to recant most of what I said in the above post - I guess it all depends on the topic but that still is a kind of wish-washy statement by me.

What made me change my mind was Matt Cutts article: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/selling-links-that-pass-pagerank/ - he makes some really interesting and valid points which honestly, I had not even considered.

So I have mixed feeling toward the subject to be honest. If you are going to write about a subject and get paid for it, do the research but if it is a serious subject such as what Matt used as an example, I'm not sure that $20 would be worth the time to do enough research to make a valid article.

Again, flip flopping it - if you write an article about Cancer (again Matt's example), your web site should preferably be related to cancer and hopefully you would have a relative insight on the subject.

Putting the user hat on, if I look for cancer treatments and I find an article about some brand new treatment and the next article is about how to change the kitty litter in under 2 minutes with a brand new super scooper made out of hemp. I might just figure out that this is not a very good source for cancer research.


I think Paying to Blog is not that bad idea since it involves SEO thing. So i am not great in SEO, so I would pay someone who know SEO and article writing and pay him/her for blogging.


i can write for you alley if you pay me ;)

and i can do seo on wordpress ;)

I havent tried it either. Whats the going price for one article these days?

yea its a good idea if you have good ranking blogs ,see peoples like shoemoney,jensense, jole comm do site reviews for $500 or more just for one post ,yea its worth if you have good site so advertisers are interested on your site.

Some sites do pay, You just have to find them.You arent going to make any money unless your blog has more than like 5,000 hits a day, you can sign up using googles services and put google ads on your site. They also pay you and are a trusted website.

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