One of the best way to promote your website is finding affiliates for your site. This means that you have to surf around for sites that are similar to yours and then contact them. Being an affiliate member of a website you can get good visitors daily and a good page rank as both will help you out.

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Affiliate marketing is great for certain types of sites or rather certain types of traffic, if you can market an affiliate program that fulfills a visitor's immediate need, it will do well, if otherwise, it'll do poorly...

Let's say that you have a forum, how can you apply affiliate program there?

I don't think that there is a best way to promote a website. It should be a combination of many techniques and it's different from site to site.

Affiliate program is one way of promoting a website. it depends on where to link your website and or depends on the techniques on how you do to your website.

how can you apply affiliate program through forum?

Select an affiliate program that will fit your services like Clickbank. Just sign up and read the guidelines on how to join in such affiliate program

i am not a huge fan of affiliates. it never works out for me

Hi, I am very interested in promoting mega traffic to my sight, can you help me? I am new at the web business. sos sos help help
please reply, Gary

Hi, I am very interested in promoting mega traffic to my sight, can you help me? I am new at the web business. sos sos help help
please reply, Gary

As per Traffic concern we should keep in mind many factors. On web there may be lots of competitor and they also wants to get good traffic. Here I want to tell you that in today’s age 70 or 80 % traffic are coming from search engine like google, yahoo MSN and many more. Moreover they are providing traffic free of cost I mean to say you just put little affort to make your site search engine friendly and that art is called SEO. -search engine optimization..

Search engine can give you paid traffic also call PPC -Pay Per Click. But better we should go for SEO cause its free and any one can do it if have guts to do it... There is lots of material available on net for regarding SEO reading . And if you don’t have time for that then you can higre seo firm or a freelancer SEO for SEO work. This is the first and free stage to get good traffic and there is other lots more idea to get mega traffic to your site like email marketing, PPC , Internet Marketing search engine marketing ,blogging

A good way to promote your website also is to find a Traffic Exchange Program, like Free ad depot, 1minuteads, Target ads depot, and you will get tons of traffic to your site. And if you want to a best business program that can make you tons of money then, just let me know and I will share it to you..If you have more questions just email me..thanks..

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Best way to promote website:

- Affiliate
- Blogs
- Directory Submission
- Submission to social networking websites.

Try all these... you will be able to see growth. However, dont expect magical changes without investing some money for advertising and marketing...

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