I started a search engine over a year ago because of the click fraud issue. It has been a slow process. I have fixed paid advertising so click fraud is not involved. I thought if I utilize my blogs which they can be seen not only on my search engine for every keyword phrase but in the RSS feeds and I have optimized the site to get spidered into the search engines pretty well. My content is always fresh. My name is David and I want to go up against the new age Goliath... Google. They are a main cause of click fraud. Can anyone help me with some ideas of what I can do. I figured if I have thousands of blogs out there then traffic would start coming my way and then I can do something else that would protect people from fraud on the net.;)

I think your analysis of click fraud is off base. It's quite a reach to say Google is to blame for click fraud. It's also very bold, and probably ignorant, to say you can stop click fraud. It's also probably just flat out crazy to say you can beat Google in search. Yahoo and MSN can't even do it. What do you have to offer that they don't?

I didn't write this to be mean. But I know it's what everyone who reads your post is thinking.

If you can define a reasonable goal for your site you can most likely achieve it. But when you say you want to go up against Google, I have to think that your expectations are beyond reason and perhaps your ability to deliver are as well.

It is difficult to help someone who is asking for something that cannot be done. There are organic SEO methods that have been time-tested and that work for everyone. I suggest you make a list and begin with your ego within limits.

I think anything is possible if you set your mind to it. More specifically, anyone can be the next Google with a single good idea and a lot of determination. With that said ... do you have a good idea that's never been done before that will definitely work? If so, go for it.

Greetings "Naked Searcher"!

I truly LOVE your search engine, and in fact the whole idea. However, I gave up trying to advertise on your site. Firstly I was told that I'd entered an invalid "State" - which we don't have in Holland, and then the number of my credit card was rejected - not by my bank but by YOUR software. I checked it three times, found it three times correct, checked the available saldo which was so high that I could buy your whole engine (well... at least one or two cogs in it - grin!), muttered under my breath: "Bugger their bloody search engine!", and simply aborted the operation.

Jaap Verduijn (shrugs shoulders and moves on).

Think about it. Google's adsense program has been setup for people to build blogs and other sites to get people to click on their adsense ads to earn money. In theory Google's idea was good, but only in theory. I have studied click fraud and have read many articles and spoken to many people. People are hired anonymously to click on ads in order for many things to happen. One, to get paid from the clicks. Two, to get the people who are at the top to exhaust their funds and go offline and etc. There are many reasons, but these are the top two. Yes, I can get rid of click fraud. I have a fixed paid system. All I need is to get the traffic coming over. If you advertise on our system people can click a thousand times and it won't cost you anymore than $5.00 per month per keyword phrase.

I thank you for kind words. I do have some ideas that are original and will be different that will give us a chance. I know I have made some pretty strong statements, but there based on what can be done. I know my search is not equivalent to Googles now, but you cannot look in defeat and give up. I don't have the financial backing they do. They did not start with what they have now. People get scared to face the big boys, but not me. It can be done. I have a plan... Thanks for you time.

I wish you would not have given up on the search, but contacted support. There was glitch, but was fixed very quickly. When we have glitches in our system we do give credits to people and make sure that you are well taken care of. If you decide to try us again. I would be happy to give you a $100.00 credit once you sign up for one keyword phrase.

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