This questions is aimed to "VCLKhelp" if they're still on this forum, or anyone else that can help. I'm new to setting up banner ads other than Adsense. I'm trying to setup Adsense as my default ads for ValueClick but I'm not sure how. What would the "Image URL" and "Click URL" be for Adsense? All I see is an empty box. I tried setting up an HTML page with just the adsense code but that doesn't seem to work.

Any help would be much appreciated,


I think that what you have to do is create a blank webpage that includes the Google AdSense code, and upload it as adsense.html. Then, enter the full path to adsense.html in the "Redirect URL" area.

I talk to VCLKHelp via MSN Messenger every so often, so I'll ask him to check out this thread next time I speak to him.

Yeah there's an image url and a click url which are both required. Funny that they don't offer any help on what these are or require. I'm also wondering if I can just use the ads that are within my list as my defaults, is tha possible?

thank you