Hey guys i need some help (geek-to-geek) no one else would understand the frustration! well i started up a website an did alot os SEO stuff and traffic tips but why can't i increase my join rate? it sucks when your baby jut can't grow ya know???? I just need some website reviews and feedback from us website surfers so any input or help would rock!!!

thanks guys
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Hi Zlim,

Please post in the Website Reviews forum for site-specific feedback.

To go down the route of a more general discussion here, it really just takes a lot of time to get a new site off the ground. It's extra frustrating with the forums because you feel like you're in an endless cycle of needing members in order to convince new members to register.

That isn't necessarily the case ... members will stay as long as they have someone to talk to, so be sure to talk to every single one of them right away everytime someone new registers. Keep them occupied by always giving them new conversation so they won't realize how empty the site is. Over time, it will start to pick up.

Good luck!

Why yo know what I think i jsut found out why they call you queen of DaniWeb and Thanks! that makes more sense than anything

Glad I could help.