Hi everybody,

I am so happy because of my first profit. I started my online business as an affiliate a month ago. I tried many products, tactics, and affiliate programs with no success. I lose a lot of money on PPC.

I have read lots of e-books, DP forum’s threads (especially the sticky ones). I joined several affiliate programs. Most of them declined my applications; some other did not accept me at all.

BUT THE MIRACLE HAPPENS! I overcome the negative ROI and achieve constant positive ROI last week. Now there is $400 profit in my account! I so happy!

I just want to share my excitement and please…. Keep working and trying. The success in affiliate business is possible!

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this sounds like the type of email I would receive to which I would press "report spam"

congrats with $400 roi. Keep up good work

Well ...should be easy with only 2 million others wanting to do the same thing....do you know how many actually make it? (not many)

It is hard work to become successful online.

Patience is the key - Reptile (M.K.)

well, you can try ours :-) A single payout is more that $400 on CPD.

Congratulations for the success. . I would suggest not to adopt one SEO link building practice for longer period. Don’t make big claims while posting the content, try to convince the visitors by testimonials. Allow only the reputed links.

Congratulation!! I never made any success with affiliates programs even though i have joined them for many years. I have been affiliated with Commission Junction, Linkshare, Amazon, Clickbank, and Gambling affiliate none of them work for me.

I just cannot find the right way how to make real sales.

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