Does anyone have any ideas on where i can promote my pay per click advertising services besides on the search engines? I am trying forums but i don't want to appear as though i am spamming. Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone had any success with banner ads on search engine marketing sites (e.g.,

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It may sound a bit ironic, but have you tried pay per click programs like AdWords? :) Oh ... besides search engines, eh? :) Post in forums and link to your site in your signature to not come off as a spammer. Banner advertising could work - you don't know unless you try.

Well, for banner ad most important thing where you are going to place it and relevancy of particular site.

A decent PPC ad network should market itself virally beyond the initial marketing phase.

As long a as publishers are earning money (and being paid of course!), there will be a good knock-on.

Pay per click are getting really old. Everyone uses adbrite now.

Honestly I think your best solution will be advertising through pay per click yourself. But dont use the big guys like adwords or overture. Try bidvertiser. It's cheaper, your ads don't get buried in the ground like adwords, and you get more clickthroughs.

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