HI i Am new here could u pls assist me walk here
i want to promot my blog here but don't know much operations here...
so pls assist me to spread my blog

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Putting your site on your sig is one way of promoting it and getting backlinks.

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Also check out our link directory ... and just read 'n' learn :)

A few effective blog marketing stratagems.

Assemble and Analyze Market Intelligence
The first and foremost important step that you need to take is to give a closer look at the public forums and analyze the business status and strategy of your rival. When you are actively participating in a public forum, it is your appropriate response that gives you positive reputation or negative review. It is not a good practice to consider any one weaker, since an angry customer may start blogging and get a higher ranking than you soon. So be aware.

Take the benefit of Blog Commenting
Practice reading blogs. You must read different blogs relevant to your business or products. Try to study as much as possible, so that you can better understand your competitors’ perspective as well as target audience. You must place your comments strategically in order to initiate conversation. This conversation will help you to come out from many of your misconceptions and it is an even better idea than that of a mere PR pitch.

Spend Time on Blog Advertising
According to BlogAd research survey, more and more people are now taking interest in buying well-researched contents. When you advertise your blogs, you will be able to target certain niche and of course specific audience. In fact, blog advertising itself is a popular niche, which allows you to reach a vital marketing arena or to expand your business impact among the global audience. The size of your blog may vary from others, so is true with the approach as well as ad opportunities. You may place your ad directly in a blog. It is important to design dynamic blog, so that it never looks like boring and monotonous.

Humanize Your Blog in Connection with Buyers
Your blog may reflect a corporate portfolio where CEO, senior management people, PR and legal stuffs may take their active role. Corporate blogs put stress more on transparency, so it may not be suitable to every company policy. No matter how you have built your blog, you must humanize it by establishing a direct interactive connection with the consumers of your product. Since blogs come with a pack of more interesting opportunities, it also brings challenges along with.

Good luck.

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Blog promotion techniques are general seo techniques: optimizing your blog wisely (how to optimize, surf google, plenty of info about it), submitting to directories, articles, press releases, do-follow blog comments, dmoz.org and keep adding fresh content. Make it user-friendly, not just for spiders.

Add your site to your signature and keep posting quality content on this forum and others. Just a couple of posts a day will really add up.

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