hello....i putiing my take on this new genre of online social networks....ie. the photosharing blog networks that seem to be popping up everywhere



and my absolute favorite


these new generation of hobbie driven social sites seem to be the new community rage, ...but will it last....It seems to me they cant all make it and now google has gotten into the game what do you guys think and what do ya think of my fav.
fotoamigo ?

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They don't seem too professionally designed to me - which basically means no real company backing. You say Google got into the game? How so? Personally, I think the best these can do are be Xanga type sites. I don't think they'll ever get enough pull to reach the professional bloggers.

Only thing I can remember about google getting into photos was picasa which I think is a sofware for desktop to organize photos. www.picasa.com

Yes - there was some hype awhile back when Google posted a link to Picassa on their ultra-clean homepage.

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