A while ago, I have seen and read the content of affiliate junktion. This sounds good to be true but not sure if this really works. Does anyone here join this affiliate site? Does this system really works?

Hope anyone can clear my doubts on this affiliate site.

Thank you.


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Hello Mario,

Basically, the way they do this is, they get a commission from the hosting provider and pass part of that commission back to you.

While I have not tried them myself, I have seen complaint (unverified) that they do not pay people their "kick-back".

I believe in the statement, "If there's smoke, there is fire".

Hope this helps you.


Yeah, complaint was the Affiliate Junktion doesn't pay their affiliates, of course not verified. I heard there have been some problems about payments through Paypal. The Paypal option is available now but you have to have stayed in the program for at least 45 days to qualify for first payment.

Ouch!!! That's a bad news. Thanks guys for your inputs.

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