Digg will unleash its new advertising platform which allows users to vote. Depending on the type of vote, the advertiser may spend more money or less money. Would you consider advertising on Digg? Is this system a turnon or turn off?

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Can you tell me what is Digg...
I am new to this forum, and I want to know what Digg can do ...

No, rather one should try to get on front-page of Digg. :)

Digg is a community sharing news site where high rated news appear on the front page.

No big deal , stumbleupon already has such service.

Also the front page ads space might be too expensive and I am not also sure whether that will be effective?

No big deal , stumbleupon already has such service.

true, and the un-targeted traffic is always my biggest conern.

how about after submitting digg then i submit the url to google/addurl, does it have any effect at all?

how about after submitting digg then i submit the url to google/addurl, does it have any effect at all?

Google already cache it through digg page so I don't think it worth to submit it in google. If it is getting good number of voting you can share the link to different social media site such as twitter/facebook..

I think that working with Diggs ad system may be a good idea. Digg is the 122nd top site on the internet according to http://www.alexa.com
advertizing on a popular website is usually good for business. I only see one con in the alexa information. Most users stay on the site for four minutes per day.

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I will do that definitely. I have used Digg many times for this purpose as well as for getting information for various topics. No doubt it is reliable medium to share the information.

yes true its always worthd to advertise on a high rank site like digg.... hats on

Many branded content sites only engage the visitor for 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Of course, this is not including Facebook. So if Digg visitors spent that much on the site, it is still good from an advertiser perspective.

I do not think its worth it to spend that much on advertising. It would be ideal if unique and interesting content is submitted and you come up organically.

Digg is a social bookmarking site where you can bookmark your site and publish a short article about your site there.

Digg is very popular site for social

digg is very good, A very good advertising platform, I spent a lot of energy on digg for Promoting my website

We can promote are site by digg and other social site

For me and my customers Digg traffic is worth nothing, and overall they are tech savy enough to not click on ads.... just be wasting money.

Might be ok for fun social site marketing gimmicks...

Assuming that your advertising budget permits for such an expense, is it worth advertising on Digg? Not necessarily. According to an analysis, Digg users have a click-through rate of 0.30%, which is one third of the click-through rate of Google (or referral) traffic. Ultimately, you're better off using Digg (and social media in general) to create a passionate following (which ultimately becomes your customer, etc.) than to try and make a quick buck.

yes! Digg and other social bookmarking sites are great way to advertise your product. just make your title stand out and interesting short description. placing picture would also help a lot since most online users click an interesting pictures.

Thank you all for your great insights and recommendations.

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