Our company has hired an outside development company to design a new e-commerce site for us. Unfortunately, they have become unreliable taking days to respond to emails and never answering there phone and we are worried that they will not be helpful once the site goes live if we run into any problems.

I was put in charge of obtaining information and finding a second company to review the site and become the new developers, should something go wrong.

The problem/question I have is that I do not know what information I need to get from the first development company that would allow the new one to become familiar with the site enough to fix any crashes or bugs.

Can you guys help me come up with a list of things I will need to get this going?

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My suggestion would be to find a new company straight away and have them biuld the site for you. I can tell you from experience that trying to find and fix problems in someone else's code becomes frustrating and tiresome. You'll be hard pressed to find a company willing to do it in any case.

Just a suggestion... ;)

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