First I would like to make a statement in regards to the post's here on DaniWEB in regards to this topic and the few other's that I have read and replied to.

After joining this Social Network for Web Related Developement. I was awe struck at the opportunity to build relationships with others that are looking to both develope a career and enthusiastically put together projects for the World Wide Web. Only sadly I must admit that noone here on DaniWEB except for Ancient Dragon is posting any type of certifiable information in response to my postings. Except for the fact that he isn't even responding with information. Just that I have a warning and have been posting in the wrong category's.

All of the Social Networking sites, whether for business, entertainment, socializing, or meeting people. Are utterly worthless acts of poor attempts to Capitalize on the Market of Social Networks. First, everyone that has been joining these Networks has the idea, knows the interests, but once they join these poor excuses for the idea - everything they we're thinking of goes right out the door and is replaced with - join a group, showcase people you know and don't know with the click of a button, give away your life's experience and identity to anyone that would like to utilize your page for their new role.

Add to these facts. I know what everyone is looking for, it's what I would be doing with or without the World Wide Web and Internet at my disposal. I stand up and put up with nothing, unless it meets or satisfy's my requirements. One big factor sitting behind the supposed desks of practically everyone of these sites, is they're all fly-by-night renditions of what could be. They are a mere dream with an unadulterated twist of faith. To be able to come up with an idea, hand it to some Robotic Mind-Set Individuals known as "we'll do anything for a dollar" and voila' - they got what they we're looking for. A worthless product with nothing to really offer other than satisfying the requirement for those who want to be included in a "Social Network". Lacking the enviorment, lacking the Team Player Leadership, lacking the Accreditation and Degree's both throughout the sites management and with the people behind it.

I read an article on the Internet a short while back, and it made a clear and decisive statement in regards to and practically holds self evident with every site on the top 100 Search Engines Findings. I can even back this arguement and most likely, like Yan Can Cook, you can too.

Look at it like this. Every site has been very eerily and creepily been adding new componet's to their website. One day it's just information about their site and what they are doing. A few weeks go by, without aforemention of the plan, an email form pops-up, who knew?? A short while later, they add a search engine. After that all of sudden they have a forum, then a chat room. Even Yahoo, AOL, Google, and host's of other's. Especially Microsoft, is doing this.

Unlike many of the Physical Company's and Business's. I'll give it to the Internet Company's which are merely fly-by-night service shops that without a notice are gone in no time. They always are finished, capiesh, done and ready to go. They don't open a Liquor Store and then add a hotel and bar three weeks from now, atleast not without notifying the state, the boards, the rotary's, and above all the community's. They aren't creepily creepying along.

Since this is a Social Network "Developement" Portal of Sorts. I have sent Dani aka "CSCGAL" a letter about developement plans and projects for - As she hasn't returned correspondance and my interest's are merely to involve my projects in addition to DaniWEB as a contribution, along with inviting many of the other Sites that I have come across and hold an account with.

DaniWEB has a great forum. No Debates. No Discussions. Just a bunch of post's and useless responses. What I was interested in helping with. Aside the fact that I could always go over to Microsoft and pay an outrageous fortune for their Resourceful Project Management setup they got. But even then it's not what I'm looking for.

Amongst my many projects, most of which are career related. It's looking as if I might as well stop and just go back to working the 9 to 5 Retail Industry. It's seemingly dieing off and become an outdated computer faction that will probably be replaced by housing projects or something.

Here is my project to help everyone interested fashion a great and motivating career out of the World Wide Web, the Computer, along with applying Real World Innovation and helping out by contributing to our local Community's and Society's Abroad, globally and within our own Back Yards.

If you would like more information about it. Please post a quick reply and I will contact you shortly. You must excuse me for not being all to on top of things at the moment, as I have a really bad case of allergys I'm trying to get over. Other than that. My career is getting ready to explode all over the face of the largest mass communication resource our globe has ever seen this close. It's poorly designed, underdeveloped, and in my terms - it hasn't even reached a pinnacle near completion and it's any where near the final developement stage. Though it is "in all the essence of the term" An elaborately and highly resourceful - programmable fax/data machine, with a customizable address book, calendar, and telephone. Technically the Worlds most complicated Pager I've ever seen. It's hot though, I could even watch sports for free up until recently with the new digital conversion box requirement. Imagine having a watch that needs a box??? Great idea. It should have just been a Digital Conversion Box to broadcast a signal to your television from your computer, through the internet and world wide web to other computers/ networks/ and such - with that along we could have all intertwined a established a cable company, and a satelite company. All in all. I have so many projects and plans, that I don't even want to tell anyone about them cause your all just going to deliberately build something different.


Next, add a Public Adminstration Committee to a Business Adminstration of Departments. You'll have the basic idea. Only if your not working with me, and you don't have the idea's and background information that I have. It's just another useless Social Network and I'm just feeding with an empty bottle a better scheme to satisfy the idea.

C.G.P. on DaniWEB

Interested in working on any Projects or Plans?? I'll be looking around and contacting various posts in relation to the interests and topics.

February 19, 2009 - 9:38 O'Clock P.M.

Nice topic. Nice to know about this information. Thanks for sharing.

I wish you success in your endeavors!

It's interesting to read what you say here but I think it's often overlooked that, what you see the intended purposes are and how your users actually use it can be 2 different things. I could have the best idea in the world that would totally revolutionize how people think of social networks, but it may only be apparent to technological individuals how to use it correctly. The "masses" may just adapt it to suit their needs, and lets face it, without the masses it doesn't stand a chance of success. An example of this (though not Social network based) is html tables. These were designed to display tabular data but, before css, web designers thought "hang on a minute, we can use these to make our sites more structured" and totally destroyed what they were meant for, now look at the negative effect tables have even when used properly!

How you intend something to be used and how others use it are 2 totally separate things. Unless you lock something down users will "bend the rules" to suit their needs. Lets face though, if you are going to lock something down that much it's hardly going to be that much of a community. People will become frustrated with too much validation and/or moderating to the point will they won't use a service.

Just my thoughts there but I wish you luck with your projects

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